Advanced Health Pharmacy does not partner with any particular medical doctor, practice or service. We have no monetary or contractual agreement of any kind with another provider. If you do not have a medical provider or can not wait to see your medical provider Advanced Health Pharmacy will recommend a provider to you that we are confident will take care of you.

Telemedicine is a great option for many people since it is a quick, convenient, discreet and affordable way to receive ED treatment from a properly Licensed physician in the USA. You can consult with a doctor and have your medication delivered to you without ever leaving your home.

Once you contact us we will recommend a telemedicine provider appropriate for you. You will then set up an account with them and have a medical consultation with their physician on your phone or computer. The provider will work with you to decide the best treatment for your ED. If a prescription is appropriate they will send it over to Advanced Health Pharmacy and we will deliver your medication for no extra charge.

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