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Immunization Answers to Four Common Questions

AUGUST 2021 Fall is a common time for people to start thinking about vaccinations. Children attending school will need to be up to date on immunizations. And September and October are prime time for flu shots for anyone six months or older. Before getting vaccinated, it is common to have questions — from wondering about [...]

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6 Mistakes You Might Make Taking Meds

6 Mistakes You Might Make Taking Meds When it comes to your prescription medications, how and when to take them is written on the label. While it’s not uncommon to forget to take a dose, deliberately ignoring the label directions can put your health at real risk. While you may think there’s no harm in [...]

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Stay Safe in the Sun: Avoid these 3 Mistakes

Stay Safe in the Sun: Avoid these 3 Mistakes If you love soaking up the sun, you likely already know you need to slather on sunscreen. But even people with a lot of sun safety sense might inadvertently expose themselves to more risk than they think. Here are three common mistakes to watch out for: [...]

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