Your Meds – Your Way – Making Life a Little Easier.

We understand how difficult it can be to juggle taking or administering multiple medications taken at different times and in different doses. We also understand every individual and every facility has different needs and requirements, so, we don’t have a one-size-fits all solution.

We can organize your meds for you FREE.

We’ll work with you to put your meds into the right packaging to make taking them correctly easy and effortless. We can package all your prescribed drugs, OTCs and suppliments together in one of several convenient package options (below.)

  • Single Strip Bubble Packs in a box. Just pull out one pack at a time.
  • 7-day Med Pack Cards with all your pills organized by day and time.
  • Individual 7-day Med Pack Cards for each different pill organized by day and time.

Talk to our Pharmacist today to get started on the right program for you.

Our pharmacists will help you understand the med pack options and select what is right for you. We can even give you samples so you can see how easy and convienient your med packs will be. and of course delivery is always free too. so don’t wait call us today at 269-324-1100.

Below is an example of our Single Stream Med Pack Box

Single Stream Med Pack

Below is an example of our 7-day Med-Pack

7 Day Med Pack
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