The COVID-19 Emergency is Over: Testing Has Changed.

Now that the COVID-19 Emergency has ended there have been some changes to the availability of testing and how certain tests and vaccines are paid for.

Our lab-based PCR testing was through a local laboratory called Genemarkers. In response to the pandemic and the need for testing, Genemarkers implemented the equipment and processes to analyze samples for COVID-19. They swelled their staff and worked long hours to get us through the pandemic. But over the last few months, the demand for testing has been greatly reduced and now with the end of the emergency, there will be fewer tests required.

So Genemarkers will no longer be offering the COVID-19 testing service.

The good news is, you may still get a PCR Covid-19 test in our pharmacy. We have a PCR test that we can administer and process right at Advanced Health Pharmacy. The results are available in just one hour after you get your sample taken. We also have the rapid 15-minute tests and take-home tests.

All of our testing is available based on cash at time of testing. You will be given a receipt as needed for your insurance carrier. Currently because of the end of the Covid-19 emergency what your insurance pays for each test may have changed – please check with your insurance carrier directly. We are NOT able to bill your insurance for any Covid-19 tests performed at the pharmacy.